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Kawa and Kawa-Mac Resources

I have tried to amass things that will be of interest to Kawa users in general and Kawa Macintosh users specifically.

Current Macintosh OS 9 Downloads

I recently gathered all the builds created for OS9 from various sources and listed them on Kawa Caveats, Notes, Downloads.

Tutorials, Howto

Kawa Scheme System on Macintosh OS X Current
Kawa Scheme System on Macintosh OS X 10.1
Kawa Scheme System on Macintosh OS Classic
Kawa Notes, Downloads, Caveats
Running Kawa in Emacs
This isn't necessary for experienced unix users, but may be of interest to those new to Unix or Emacs.

Documentation, Articles and Papers

General Interest

Supporting dynamic languages on the Java virtual machine
With MS supporting many languages atop .net, perhaps Sun will finally wake up to these issues.
Languages for the Java VM
The most comprehensive listing of languages on the JVM, with many Scheme and Lisp implementations
Kawa Papers
Per wrote most of these a few years ago, but they are still valuable
Kawa, the Java-based Scheme system
Kawa documentation and mailing list archives

Macintosh Related Articles

The O'Reilly Network has a series of columns specifically targeted at Java development on MacOSX.

Java Programming on the Mac
Shell Scripts, Command Lines, and Classpaths
Building a Simple Java Application in Mac OS X
Running Java Applications on Mac OS X
This column demonstrates the use of MRJAppBuilder on MacOSX

Macintosh Technical Notes

Apple Documentation for Java development on MacOSX.

Mac OS X 10.1 Release Notes: Java
Mac OS X 10.1.1 Java Release Notes
The foregoing are must reads for anyone running or developing Java on MacOSX