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Kawa Caveats, Notes, Downloads

Known Kawa Issues


Including Servlet Support

10.3 includes Tomcat, allowing use of Kawa's servlet facilities. To build with servlet support set the CLASSPATH to include Tomcat and include the --enable-servlet flag at configure. Here is an example of how to:

setenv CLASSPATH /Library/Tomcat/common/lib/servlet.jar
./configure --prefix=/Users/Shared --with-swing --with-java-collections --enable-xml --enable-servlet
# prefix optional see alternate installation paths
cd testsuite 
# since we have set the CLASSPATH in the begining this is needed for the testsuite to find things
make check
cd ..
make install
java -XX:+UseTLE kawa.repl --full-tailcalls -w &
# launch with Thread Land Eden support in GUI window

Generating Kawa HTML Pages on OSX

Obtain and install a copy of GNU Texinfo, version 4.1 works fine under Mac OS X 10.1.5. During the make process Kawa cannot locate makeinfo, so set the following environment variable:

setenv MAKEINFO /usr/local/bin/makeinfo

The process uses the values in the 'version.texi' file to insert the date and version into the Kawa documentation. This file isn't currently in the cvs, so a reasonable facsimile will do. The following is sufficient for the version.texi file, which needs to be in the same directory as kawa.texi when texi2html is called. This should be replaced by a script that will auto generate the information from the Kawa distribution.

@set UPDATED 28 July 2002
@set EDITION 1.6.99
@set VERSION 1.6.99

texi2html comes stock with OSX, so there is no need to install anything. You can run it within the /kawa/doc directory, but it is probably a good idea to have the output files in another location. I generate the documentation in the ~/Sites directory, so that the pages are served by Apache.

cp kawa.texi ~/Sites/kawa-doc
cp version.texi ~/Sites/kawa-doc
cd ~/Sites/kawa-doc
texi2html -number -split kawa.texi

If Apache is running, then the following URI will bring up the Kawa documentation <>, where YOURUSERNAME is somewhat self explanatory,

Known Kawa Issues

GUI Windows with Mac OS X Running Java 1.3.1

There is a bug in Apple's implementation of the 1.3.1 JRE that causes errors when trying to use the repl in a GUI Kawa window (ie. running kawa -w). The cause has not been determined, but this does not occur on other platforms. Work around include using Kawa at the command line or in Emacs. Downgrading to an older Apple JRE should fix the problem, but is difficult to do with Apple's current installation methodology. The JRE (1.3.1_03-69) included with Mac OS X 10.2 and later JRE versions fix the problem.

Building for Mac OS 9

Some Java 2 specific items have to be overridden when compiling current Kawa versions for Mac OS 9. Although every combination has yet to be tested, the following suggestion from Per works:

./configure --with-swing --without-java-collections --without-java-references

Runtime for Mac OS 9

More current versions (1.6.99) sometime will open the GUI Kawa window without a prompt. Choose 'New' or 'New (Shared)' from the 'File' menu to obtain a window with a repl prompt.


I gathered all the builds created for OS9 from various sources. I haven't had time to verify all of them, nor decide which ones to discard.

The previous 1.6.97 was compiled right around when that version was release. This one was created recently using the CVS -D feature to the February 13, 2002 files, which was the last day before 1.6.98 was released.
1.6.99 may exhibit the issues addressed above.