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Scheme Codeless Language Module for BBEdit 8

Download the file Scheme.plist.gz. After running through 'gzip -d Scheme.plist.gz' the file should be copied to the following path:
'~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Language Modules/Scheme.plist'.
Create a 'Language Modules' directory if none already exists. The module should load with the next launch of BBEdit. For more information see Appendix D in the BBEdit user manual.

For years I wished for Scheme support under BBEdit. With the introduction of codeless language modules (clm), this became possible. While no expert in clm or Apple plist format, I hope that my initial contribution will be improved on by others. There are several areas which could use improvement, and I welcome any feedback (preferably with a diff file).

Currently Provided

Comprehensive Keyword Listing
Every known R5RS keyword should be recognized by BBEdit and are available for the source code text color feature.
Comment Identification/Toggling
BBEdit recognizes Scheme comments and provides the source code text color feature. Additionally, the 'Text->Un/Comment Selection' menu item toggles selected line(s) as standard Scheme comments.
String Literal Identification
String literals are recognized by BBEdit and are available for the source code text color feature.
File Suffix Recognition
Currently .scm and .ss automatically open in Scheme 'mode.' This is something that could be much expanded.

Functionality Illustrated

Note the coloring of comments, keywords and strings. The selection occurs with double click parenthesis balancing, although this feature is not new to BBEdit.

clm example