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Essays, Notes and Thoughts on Various Subjects

Trying to collect various things I have written, or am writing to put here. Many things are incomplete, so please forgive me as I only work on the site when time permits.

General Information
Sharing External FireWire Drives Among Operating Systems
CSS related information and links
OpenBSD CD Use and Burning Tips (x86)
Audio CD Backup or WAV CD Creation/Duplication
8cm CD-R MP3 CD Experience
OpenBSD PC Card Use and Tips (PCMCIA) (x86)
OpenBSD ATA Flash Card Mounting
Collected Short Items 1 (Various items and how to information)
VNC Server Execution From Client
VNC Responsiveness Trick (x86)
Mac OS X Essays
Utilizing an Alternative to /usr/local on OSX
The Need for an OSX Unified Command Line Package Management System [draft incomplete]
Collected Short Items 1 (Various items and how to information)
OSX: Passing CVS Traffic Through NATD Firewall
OSX: Modifying iTunes-LAME to use an Alternate LAME Installation
OSX: Modifying iTunes-LAME's Encoding Options List
OS9/OSX: DECLaser 1152 Printer Notes and PPD [draft incomplete]
OSX: MSOE 5.0.3 and Mac OS X 10.2 and higher
Unix General
SuSE Linux 7.3 on Old World PowerMacs [draft incomplete]