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red thread promo

redthread artwork
I created this preliminary artwork for promotional purposes. The technique featured is fast becoming one of my favorite ways to work: combining several forms of digital media via several software packages. The final look I wanted to achieve was that of realism without the overly digital look of 3D rendering. I began drawing all the profile splines in Freehand and the imported them into Extreme 3D for modeling. After modeling, positioning, and lighting the scene, I imported custom textures created in TextureScape and mapped them to the objects. Rendering a 640 x 480 image with full anti-aliasing and shadows to a tiff file, I then opened and touched up the rendering in Painter. Cloning the rendered file I ran a quick Auto Clone using Painter's Chalk Cloner and the Medium Fine paper texture. I then used the Wacom pen to hand stroke over the Auto Clone areas to define brush directions. Painter's ability to arbitrarily rotate the canvas on the fly is a major reason why I have always preferred Painter over Photoshop for doing stylus based brush retouching when working with large images.

Wrapping up I executed Apply Surface Texture first using Original Luminance (picking up from the clone source) and then using Paper Grain. I kept the Amount setting very low with no shine for both applications, so the effect is subtle. It's important to adjust the light direction in Apply Surface Texture to reflect that in your image. Often I see work with the default light direction applied regardless of the image lighting, which makes for poor quality unless it's an intended effect. Finally I dropped in text path outlines from Freehand and distressed the text using the standard methods.